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* Not a complete list of things I have worked on. Check out my Github and GitLab to see some other things I've worked on.

PairBlock (2017)

Try it out!

Project management tool created for my Senior Seminar class at Adelphi. The application was created using the Ember Javascript framework for the frontend, and Go for the backend API. (2017)

Come chat!

IRC network created and run by my friend Andy and I to give Adelphi students a place to chat and have fun.

hugo-deploy (2015)


Application created in Go that automatically deploys your Hugo site to Github to be used with Github Pages. I now use this all the time to deploy changes to this very site!

what-the-commit.el (2015)



Fun little Emacs package that fetches a commit message from and copies it to the users kill ring, or pastes it in the current buffer.

SwirbulDASH (2014)


SwirbulDASH is an app developed for the 2014 Adelphi University Hackathon that shows the location of any book at Adelphi's Swirbul Library.

Valia V: A New Beginning (2013)


Game made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 28, a game making competition that requires the game to be developed from scratch in 48 hours or less and have it relate to a given theme. The theme for this jam was You Only Get One so I made a typing game where each correct letter typed saves an inhabitant of Valia V from its imminent destruction and puts them on the onespaceship available.